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Axel F. Bang uses public relations to enhance your organization's reputation. We identify strategic objectives, develop the most appropriate tactics (special events, media plans, support material) and aggressively implement targeted campaigns.

Publicity is a major strength. Whether the topic is genomics research or new cancer drugs, heart disease or photo-dynamic therapy, the opening of a new medical clinic or a family of five all of whom had kidney transplants, we regularly place stories in high-visibility media.

Montefiore Medical Center -- Promoting Centers of Excellence at a Teaching Hospital

Axel F. Bang has worked for many years with Montefiore Medical Center, the nationally recognized academic medical center for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City. We helped shape several institutional image campaigns and helped Montefiore position its centers of excellence. Increased visibility included:

Cancer Care Center of Excellence -- Colon cancer study (New York Times); Autologous bone marrow transplants (WCBS-TV News); Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (CNN); Ovarian cancer and Taxol (Newsday); Prostate cancer (WCBS-TV News); Breast cancer screening (Daily News); New radiation oncology treatments (New York Times - Westchester Weekly; Daily News); Hodgkin's Disease follow-up treatment program (Cope Magazine); Anti-angiogenesis research to stop cancer tumor growth (Time Magazine); Genomics research and colon cancer (CNN).

Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery -- How surgeons are improving "quality of life" for patients after coronary by-pass operations (Wall Street Journal and CBS-TV "This Morning"); Hypertension Study (New York Times); Radio-frequency ablation therapy for arrhythmias (Daily News); Heart valve repairs (WCBS-TV News); Defibrillators (WABC-TV News); Interview with new chairman of cardiothoracic surgery department (Daily News); High school student summer intern program on cardiovascular surgery (CBS "This Morning"); Licensure for heart transplants (New York Times, Westchester).

Other Specialty Service Program Placements:

Cranio Facial Surgery Program -- Science Times/New York Times (lead article); New York Times Westchester Weekly; International Herald Tribune; Fox 5 TV News; WNBC-TV News.

Ophthalmology/Excimer Laser Treatment -- NBC-TV "Today Show"; New York Newsday (cover story, Discovery); Daily News; WABC-TV News.

Fertility and Hormone Center -- New York Times, Westchester and Gannett Newspapers in Westchester.

Women's Health Initiative -- The New York Times, Westchester and the Journal News (Gannett) featured stories on hospital's key role in a national study on prevention of heart disease and cancer among post-menopausal women.

Wireless Inter-active Electronic Medical Records -- Computer program allows physicians to access patients medical records from anywhere, was placed in Forbes, Time Magazine, American Medical News, Health Data Management and on CNN and WABC-TV.

Surgery for Obesity – Story on bariatric surgery for very obese (100 pounds overweight) was placed in New York Times (front page), which triggered other placements (CBS-TV, others).

Blind Clinical Rehabilitation Director -- Physician and clinical director of rehabilitation medicine, clinically blind, was featured in a national Associated Press story that was published in 50 metro news papers, on the Today Show (NBC-TV), Daily News feature and two local TV news stations.

The New York Eye & Ear Infirmary -- Promoting Services at a Specialty Hospital

The ongoing objective of this nationally known specialty hospital's public relation's program is to boost awareness of its experts in eye, ear, nose, throat and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. We identify annual publicity goals, meet frequently with clinical department chairmen and administrative leaders and develop a series of monthly campaigns. Selected feature and clinical story placements include:

Chronic Dizziness Rehab Program -- Associated Press feature story appeared in dozens of news papers across U.S. and on WABC-TV News.

Glaucoma Research & Treatment -- Stories about glaucoma screening, treatment, research and new diagnostic techniques appeared on WCBS-TV, WNBC-TV and WABC-TV.

Businessmen Seeking Cosmetic Facial Surgery -- Sunday New York Times front page business section story featured Infirmary's surgeon and triggered story on ABC-TV.

Nose Reconstructive Surgery -- WABC-TV aired this story for "sweeps week" and it was shown several times daily over two days; resulted in dozens of referrals.

Drug Found Effective Vs. Tonsillectomies -- Study by teaching hospital physicians was reported on in Boston Globe, U.S. News and World Report, other large metro news papers.

Operation Smile -- Boy with a cleft palate from a city-wide school program was treated by surgeon. NY Daily News published two stories, with photos; CNBC-TV story followed.

Cornea Eye Bank -- Newsday feature story on Manhattan surgeon who uses eye bank on Long Island.

Couple See Each Other for 61st Wedding Anniversary -- Surgeons operated on near-blind couple so they could see each other again. Covered by WNBC-TV.

Photodynamic Therapy for Macular Degeneration -- A clinical trial on a light-activated drug for macular degeneration. Research appeared in New York Times Personal Health Column; Daily News; Science Times.

Human-Derived Collagen Gets Rid of Wrinkles -- story on this new substance used to remove wrinkles appeared in Woman's World, WWOR-TV, WCBS-TV.

Radioactive Plaques for Eye Melanoma -- unique treatment for eye melanoma, involves insertion of radioactive seeds adjacent to the tumor so that the eye is saved, tumor is destroyed. Appeared on WNBC-TV evening news.

Vitamins, Zinc Curb Progression of Macular Degeneration -- researcher quoted as expert in Associate Press story and interviewed on WNBC-TV.

Tube vs. Trabeculectomy -- clinical trial on glaucoma treatment compared two drainage systems: new tube vs. traditional flap technique. Daily News, WABC-TV.

Uveitis -- WABC-TV interview with researcher on this eye disease and best treatment options.

Lunchtime Plastic Surgery -- lengthy interview of facial plastic surgeon on News 12 Westchester, as part of a strategy to build business in this county.

Sudden Hearing Loss -- neurotologist interviewed by New York Newsday on this phenomenon.

National Publicity Campaign for Publisher of Health Consumer Books

Developed a four-month-long national media strategy to promote a Castle Connolly Medical consumer book on HMOs. Targeted and assembled list of reporters and producers in top 20 U.S. metro areas. Wrote news releases and collateral material. The promotion was a pivotal part of the campaign to increase awareness of the book and to increase sales.

Positioning of author and strategically timed sequential mailings resulted in:

Ten TV interviews in national and major metro markets

12 national and major metro radio show interviews, and

20 national and local newspaper and magazine interviews.

A video news release we helped script was requested by 40 local TV stations.

Using a news distribution service, reached an additional 176 publications

National Pre-Publicity for Major HBO Special on Cancer

Axel F. Bang, Lovett Productions and HBO public relations staff combined resources to conduct a successful pre-publicity campaign for a major, national HBO special on "Cancer: Evolution to Revolution," which aired in March, 2000. We developed a strategy that targeted national and major metro feature editors and writers, health care writers and producers, and media writers. Media kit included news releases, fact sheets, bios of national celebrities, bio of the producer and promotional videos of the program.

Dozens of major placements included:

National AP feature story (pick-ups across U.S.)

Providence Journal -- feature story on producer (who has family history of cancer)

NY Daily News -- feature story on producer

Articles in media and health columns of major newspapers in the following cities: Pittsburgh, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Los Angles, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Charleston, Milwaukee, St. Petersburg, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Houston, Cleveland, Salt Lake, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, San Diego, Denver, Dayton, Washington, and others

Several influential national cancer newsletters read by cancer families, policy makers and oncologists.

Axel F. Bang Has Consistently Placed Stories
In These News Media Outlets

New York Times
New York Daily News
Wall Street Journal
Associated Press
Crains New York
National Trade Magazines
National Women's Magazines
Local newspapers
Other Major Metro newspapers in U.S.


Good Morning America
CBS Morning Show
The Today Show
Fox 5 News
Channel 11 News
Channel 9 News
Channel 47 News
Local TV affiliates in Major Metro areas
NY Metro Cable TV Stations
New York One

Reuters Health Information
Other Targeted Internet Outlets


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center – PR Campaign Helps Launch of a Strategically Important Outpatient Center

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center was opening a new, strategically important Long Island facility called the Suffolk Outpatient Center. It was MSKCC’s first free-standing outpatient center and pivotal to the success of an ambitious regional growth strategy to better serve a growing suburban patient population.

MSKCC requested the services of Axel F. Bang to shape a three-month communications plan for the opening. The message: the quality of staff and advanced technology available at the new 50,000 square foot center will be the same as at the main Manhattan campus, but the location will be more convenient for existing MSKCC patients on Long Island who require multiple chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments.

The plan included writing a special newsletter for internal audiences and developing and implementing an aggressive media plan to reach the Long Island public. Axel F. Bang developed a media package (news release, fact sheets, photos) and placed sequential, in-depth stories about the opening in:

  • The New York Times
  • Newsday
  • Long Island Business News
  • Business Long Island
  • News 12 Long Island
  • Several large-circulation Long Island weeklies


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