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Axel F. Bang generates new business for your organization. We fashion individual marketing strategies based on a client's desired portfolio, market share and strengths. We help you define specific marketing goals and harness the power of direct mail, telemarketing, special events and other tools to set up meetings with potential clients, to get "short listed" for projects and to receive RFPs.

Fletcher Thompson -- Breaking Into Biotech and Higher Education Markets

This 125-staff architecture and engineering firm, the largest and oldest in Connecticut, wanted to assertively expand its services in two new markets: biotechnology / pharmaceutical and higher education.

We developed and implemented an aggressive marketing campaign using targeted direct mail (production of brochures and ongoing project information), telemarketing and one-to-one client meetings. We focussed on building awareness of the firm's capabilities among 300 companies and colleges in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Results to date: four new clients, meetings with and RFPs from over a dozen of prospects, a researched contact management data base of hundreds of potential clients and individual decision makers who will be contacted in a planned communications program in the years ahead.

SBLM -- Direct Mail/Telemarketing/Exhibits Trigger Growth in K-12 and Retail Markets

This architectural firm of 50 people wanted to break into the K-12 market and to expand its existing services in the retail sector. We developed and carried out a direct mail/telemarketing strategy that included cover letters, project sheets, a newsletter and brochures on an ongoing basis. We targeted 180 K-12 school superintendents and business directors in New York and New Jersey. In a parallel strategy, we leveraged one-to-one selling opportunities through exhibit booth promotions at professional conferences.

Results: Aside from winning two major projects (including a $90-million school on Long Island), we identified 15 school districts with projects of significant size; held meetings with and received RFPs from a dozen districts.

An existing portfolio of national retail clients was expanded using similar techniques. This ultimately resulted in signing contracts with six retail companies, including ongoing projects for Sears.

William B. Tabler Architects -- Updating Image of International Hotel Specialists

The name William B. Tabler Architects has been synonymous with hotel planning, design and profits for half a century. When the founding principal of the firm retired, the new leadership requested the services of Axel F. Bang. Together we developed a strategy to build on the traditional strengths of the firm, and to project an image as leaders in planning and design for luxury, convention, and resort hotels in the 21st century.

The strategy called for creating a new logo; producing a highly successful corporate brochure; repackaging technical publications about hotel profitability into a much-requested, layman's language direct mail piece; an aggressive publicity campaign (stories appeared in New York Times, hotel magazines, architectural and design press, other trade press); a direct mail and telemarketing program to over 200 national/international hotel owner/managers; meetings with hotel executives; receipt of RFPs, and fostering relationships with hotel developers, owners and owners' trade groups -- including exhibits at trade association meetings.

SawickiTarella Architecture + Design: Ownership Transition & Identifying New Banking Clients

This 20-person firm has been planning and designing banks for almost a century. It was going through an ownership transition and a name change and the new principals requested the services of Axel F. Bang. Our goal was to position STAD as an experienced firm with a new energy and leadership to a select number of Metropolitan New York area banks.

We created a theme for an ongoing direct mail and telemarketing campaign and promoted them as "one of the best kept secrets among New York's better known banks." In less than six months, the campaign resulted in one new client with ongoing project work, and six interviews with decision-makers at major banking institutions with a number of projects planned. We developed a marketing communications program to keep in touch, over time, with more than 50 banks, and have planned special events for banks' facility vice presidents.

Cosentini: International Engineering Firm Gets a Contact Management Data Base Program

This 400-person international engineering firm wanted to increase its market share of health care projects in the New York Metro region's hospital market. We developed a contact management strategy, trained staff in software and telemarketing scripts and techniques, and worked with a principal and marketing/business development executive to develop a successful direct mail and telemarketing research campaign. (We developed the strategic positioning and marketing plan, but in-house staff implemented the plan.)


EwingCole – Expanding a Specialty Service on the East Coast

Ewing Cole is a large architecture and engineering firm with a diverse client base, providing services that range from the planning and design of major league baseball stadiums to pharmaceutical laboratories to award-winning college buildings to restoration and renovation of significant historic halls. They have four offices in the United States.

Axel F. Bang worked with the staff at EC to hone their positioning statements in new marketing communications brochures and has fashioned a business development plan that has helped expand EwingCole’s East Coast client base in the hospital sector.

Research, direct mail, telemarketing and informational meetings with decision makers led to a new EC hospital client in New York for a 300,000 ambulatory care and cancer center; and EC has met with several other potential health care clients for projects in Washington DC and Maryland. This occurred within an 18 month period of time.

The contact management database of several hundred names will serve as the foundation for an ongoing communications plan by EC to build relationships with hospital executives up and down the East Coast.


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