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William B. Tabler Architects -- Updating Image of International Hotel Specialists

Marketing --The name William B. Tabler Architects has been synonymous with hotel planning, design and profits for half a century. When the founding principal of the firm retired, the new leadership requested the services of Axel F. Bang. Together we developed a marketing and public relations strategy to build on the traditional strengths of the firm, and to project an image as leaders in planning and design for luxury, convention, and resort hotels in the 21st century.

The strategy called for creating a new logo; producing a highly successful corporate brochure; repackaging technical publications about hotel profitability into a much-requested, layman's language direct mail piece; an aggressive publicity campaign (stories appeared in New York Times, hotel magazines, architectural and design press, other trade press); a direct mail and telemarketing program to over 200 national/international hotel owner/managers; meetings with hotel executives; receipt of RFPs, and fostering relationships with hotel developers, owners and owners' trade groups -- including exhibits at trade association meetings.

Public Relations -- an aggressive publicity campaign produced several stories on Tabler hotel projects in the New York Times, as well as feature stories in the top hotel magazines and the architectural and design press.



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