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SawickiTarella Architecture + Design: Ownership Transition & Identifying New Banking Clients

This 20-person firm has been planning and designing banks for almost a century. It was going through an ownership transition and a name change and the new principals requested the services of Axel F. Bang. Our goal was to position STAD as an experienced firm with a new energy and leadership to a select number of Metropolitan New York area banks.

We created a theme for an ongoing direct mail and telemarketing campaign and promoted them as "one of the best kept secrets among New York's better known banks." In less than six months, the campaign resulted in one new client with ongoing project work, and six interviews with decision-makers at major banking institutions with a number of projects planned. We developed a marketing communications program to keep in touch, over time, with more than 50 banks, and have planned special events for banks' facility vice presidents.

As part of the campaign, we edited a 50-page STAD guide on how to roll-out banks into a 4-page article for Bank Marketing magazine, which we then successfully used in our direct mail strategy



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